Skype Preview now lets you stick emoticons on video calls

Emojis are so big that there's even a movie about them. Of course, you don't have to go that far to see that. Just open up your favorite messaging app and see for yourself. Unless you happen to be using Skype, in which case no emojis for you. That, however, changes with the latest Skype Preview, which promises users new ways of expressing themselves. Which is just a thinly veiled statement that says, yes, Skype is getting emoticons and stickers.

Expressing yourself comes in two flavors. One is reactions, which is like the Like button in Facebook Messenger, but with space for more than just a thumbs up. Smilies and hearts are also available to show approval or not, for fun and profit.

The other expression happens in video calls, where you can do more than just react. which shouldn't be that hard considering you are showing your face. Instead, you can add emoticons, text or even other photos.

The update to Skype Preview also has some less whimsical additions, mostly revolving around getting access to features and content without having to leave the app. For example, a simple swipe from a text chat will launch the camera app to immediately snap up a photo. Which you can also decorate with stickers, by the way. Swiping will also give you a search panel, most likely powered by Bing, so you can search for and share links without breaking the flow of the conversation.

As the name suggests, Skype Preview is the service's "beta" version. Android users can easily install the app, marked as unreleased and with the usual disclaimers. iOS users, however, still need to apply for an Apple TestFlight access.