Skype hotfix officially adds video calling to Nexus S 4G

Last week Skype officially updated its app for Android users. The big feature that the update brought with it was video calling. There were numerous other tweaks in the update as well. The catch was that the video calling was only supported on a few handsets, among them was the Nexus S. I am sure I am not the only one that wondered why the Nexus S got Skype video calling, but the Nexus S 4G was left out.

It didn't take long for Skype to fix that omission. A hotfix for the app landed on Friday that added the Nexus S 4G to the officially supported Android devices for video calling. There is also an APK out there that will enable video calls on some devices unofficially. If you are a Nexus S 4G user, that update is welcome.

The vast majority of other Android devices still lack official support. As quickly as Skype issued the hotfix to support the Nexus S 4G smartphone perhaps official support for other devices will come quickly as well. Do you use video calling? I have never seen a real need or want for it.

[via Android Community]