Skype gets Together Mode from Teams to create virtual get-togethers

Microsoft Teams' Together Mode feature has arrived in Skype, enabling more people to see themselves as part of a group using the power of AI. With Together Mode, participants in a video call are presented next to each other rather than isolated in their own windows, providing a more compact view of everyone in a somewhat more natural arrangement.

Together Mode, a feature previously limited to Microsoft Teams, is exactly what it sounds like: an AI-powered tool that brings group call participants together in a single screen. The mode presents a shared background, such as a stadium, and uses AI to place each participant in their own seat, making it appear they're sitting next to each other.

This mode removes the background elements from each user's feed, isolating just their body to present a somewhat more 'natural' and compact arrangement compared to ordinary video feed windows. Microsoft notes in its Skype 8.67 release notes that Together Mode is now available in the popular video call software, as well.

As well, the company notes that its latest Skype version has also added a Large Grid Mode so that users can view everyone's video stream at the same time. The arrival of these features comes at a key time, of course — many people are using video calling software and even more companies are competing for those users.

Other new features in Skype 8.67 also bring the ability to add a user to an ongoing call using their phone number, plus there are more background categories and new backgrounds for obscuring your real-life setting. Meet Now has also been integrated for windows 10 users for a single-click experience, as well.