Skype debuts Content Creator mode with features for podcasters & streamers

Microsoft has revealed that it's updating the widely used Skype software with tools to improve call recording. The voice and video calling service isn't getting a native recording feature, mind you, but instead is streamlining its integration with existing third-party apps like Wirecast, Xsplit, and Vmix, making it easier for streamers, vloggers, and podcast hosts to get quality recordings for audio and video production.

The feature is part of a new "Content Creators" mode that's coming to Skype on the desktop for both Windows 10 and Mac. Once users switch the app to the new mode — currently in preview form — they can choose which NDI-supported third-party software they want to use. This will allow them to get "clean" recordings of all call participants, with files that can easily be imported into other editing software, including Adobe Premiere Pro.

Microsoft notes that in addition to aiding production of podcasts and vlogs, the feature can enable streamers to broadcast a call live on their YouTube or Twitch channels. There's also potential for people like news journalists and business users to get better recordings of sources and important meetings.

Skype says it will be giving Content Creators a full premiere next week, with a final release this fall on Windows 10 and Mac.

SOURCE Skype Blog