SkyKap Advisor is a Hat with Integrated GPS, Costs $300

Having GPS in all sorts of things is becoming all the rage. Knowing where you are, where others are, or any other useful things that GPS can be used for, are all getting closer to the chest, thanks to smaller chips, and better technology. One sport that needs GPS, if you're someone who doesn't like to gauge distances with just your eyes, is golf. And that's where the brand new SkyKap Advisor comes in, thanks to its integrated GPS, and voice-activated processor.

The chip and processor are integrated into the brim of the hat. The voice-activated processor comes in handy when you're on golf course, and you want to know how far away the hole is to your current position. It will then judge where you are, to whatever point you are querying about. It will tell you how far you are from the green, the hole, or even hazards, like sand pits.

It does this, because you'll have to plug your hat into your computer at home, and download information about a particular golf course you're playing at. And, if by the off-chance the software doesn't have the course you're playing at, you can actually just walk around the course, and it will collect the data for you, which you can use at a later time. The SkyKap Advisor is available right now, but you'll have to shell out $300 to get your hands on it.

[via InventorSpot]