Skydog router monitors Internet usage and more

There is a huge array of wireless routers on the market today that have different features depending on your specific needs. A lot of those routers have administration panels that you can log into to see how many devices are connected to your wireless network at any given time. Some more feature packed routers also allow you to add websites that you don't want people visiting to a blacklist. That feature is particularly effective in the office.

A new router has turned up on Kickstarter seeking funding called Skydog. This router gives an incredibly detailed review of what your network is being used for and which computers are accessing websites and for how long. If you have a large number of people in an office using a wireless network or you have kids that you want to monitor Internet usage on, this might be the perfect thing.

Rather than simply telling you six computers are on your network and Facebook has been accessed, the supporting applications for the Skydog router will tell you which specific computer accessed which specific website and how long they spend there. The router can even send you alerts to tell you when a child has spent all the time allotted on a particular website or online gaming.

Parents can use the included applications to schedule the amount of time kids can use the Internet for homework and for entertainment. Limits can be set for the amount of time spent on social media or gaming and the app can optimize the router for online gaming when needed. The app will also send you a notification if your broadband service is down or a guest connects to your home network. Skydog is seeking $75,000 and has 34 days to go. So far, the project has raised over $29,000. A pledge of $99 will get you one of the routers and the application with no monthly fees with delivery expected in August.

[via Kickstarter]