Skydio returns with one of its most requested drone features

Drone company Skydio is back and it is bringing with it one of its most requested drone features, the company announced on Thursday. The Skydio 2 drone is once again available for sale and it comes alongside a new software update that brings many changes to the platform, the most notable being the arrival of Extended Tracking Distance, one of its most requested features.

The Skydio 2 is an expensive alternative to other consumer-tier drones, offering a sophisticated autonomous system that enables it to track subjects even in complex environments. With Extended Tracking Distance, users can now track with the Skydio Beacon at distances up to 40 meters from the previous 10 meters. This feature also extends phone-based tracking to 20 meters from 10 meters.

The Beacon has also been improved; the Hover feature now users GPS to find the subject when it can't see them, includes Orbit in the tracking modes, and Subject Selection that makes it easy to have the drone track a subject by pressing the Beacon button.

Another notable addition to the Skydio 2 is the drone's new ability to autonomously land on its case using the logo featured on it. As well, drone operators can now 'nudge' the drone using the mobile app or controllers if they perceive that the Skydio 2 is going to land in a bad spot.

A number of other improvements have also arrived, including new Mode 1 and Mode 3 control options added to the Controller, bug fixes involving downloading clips when connected to the Controller and preventing excessive log storage on the mobile device, a faster RAW DNG capture setting, better mobile messaging related to GPS ascension issues, and other general changes.