Sky to broadcast first 3D soccer game in UK this weekend

We all got excited at CES this year with the gobs of 3D TVs that were unveiled and all the announcements of 3D programming coming to America. Those of you over in the UK may have felt a bit left out. Sky has announced something you will be excited about.

Sky will be showing its first 3D broadcast in nine different pubs around the country this weekend. The football game (or soccer as we know it here in America) between Arsenal and Manchester United will be shown in full 3D at pubs in London, Manchester, Cardiff, and Edinburgh.

The 3D game will require patrons to wear special glasses, feel free to insert your beer goggle jokes here. Sky reports that it will roll out the 3D channel to hundreds of other pubs in April. Later this year the Sky 3D channel will be made available to Sky+HD customers with content other than sports. Glasses will be required in the home and a 3D ready TV.