Skooba Design unveils slick Harmony line of stylish laptop bags for the ladies

There are a lot of men and women out there that want accessories for their laptops and other gadgets that work and are stylish as well. This is one of the reasons that many folks like Apple gear so much, the stuff works and looks good at the same time. Ladies looking for a laptop bag that doesn't look like a laptop bag can now get the Harmony Collection from Skooba Design.

The new bags are offered in several styles and to fit notebooks from 15-inches to 17-inches. The line also has a bag that is made for netbooks or the iPad too. The line includes the Harmony 15-inch tote for $149.99, the 17-inch tote for $159.99, and the iPad/netbook satchel is $99.95. The lowest cost things in the Harmony line are the 15-inch sleeve at $24.95 and the 17-inch sleeve at $27.95.

The bags are black and have a mix of shiny cloth material and faux leather with quilted fabric thrown in. My wife tells me they are "cute" which I guess means the Hamrony line has hit its target market. Inside the bags have pockets and storage for all that junk my wife carries around with her including her smartphone and 624 tubes of lip gloss. The bags in the Harmony line are available right now.