Skoda Auto Sound Analyzer app records vehicle noises for diagnostics

Skoda Auto has announced a new artificial intelligence app that service centers using on smartphones to help diagnose vehicle issues. The app is called Sound Analyzer and records car noises and compares them with stored sound patterns. 245 Skoda dealers in 14 countries are currently trailing Sound Analyzer at service centers.The app uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately identify any need for servicing. If there's a discrepancy between the stored sounds and engine sounds recorded, the app uses an algorithm to determine what they are and how sounds can be resolved. The app's intent is to make vehicle maintenance more efficient, reduce the time the car spends in the garage, and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Skoda says the app can consider various vehicle-specific parameters and analyzes the usage profile of each specific car. The goal is to make it easier for technicians to perform accurate diagnostics on vehicles using only a smartphone or tablet in the app. Sounds made while the vehicle is running are recorded using the smartphone. The algorithm compares recording the stored patterns and provides a concrete description of any issues found.

Skoda's software can recognize ten patterns with an accuracy of over 90 percent. Components it can diagnose include the steering system, air conditioning compressor, and clutches in the direct-shift gearbox. New sound patterns can be added in the future. When in use, the app converts the audio file into a spectrogram that visually depicts acoustic signals.

AI then compares a spectrograph to the stored recordings identifying any deviations noticed. Skoda is currently trialing the app in 14 countries, including Germany, Russia, Austria, and France. Trials have been underway since June 2019, and 245 dealers are participating in the project. Recordings provided by these dealers are instrumental in the app's learning process and contribute to the program's development.