Skizee takes the exercise out of skiing and looks fun doing it

I went skiing once as a kid and it was fun, but I remember it being very tiring. If you like to ski cross-country or downhill, but want to take some of the work out of it Skizee is a new gadget that looks really cool. The Skizee is like a snowmobile with a tread only.

The tank tread can get grip in snow and works when there is no snow on the ground as well. The user controls the device with a pair of handles that they hold and the motorized Skizee pushed them around. Steering is done by leaning just as you would steer normal skis.

The Skizee is made to be transportable in the trunk of an average car and power comes from a 10.5hp 4-stroke engine. It has electric start and power is controlled with a trigger on the right handle. The thing even has a power core that runs off the motor to generate electricity for cameras and other gadgets. Pricing is unknown right now, but the company will be taking orders soon.