Skin Gun Is Star Wars Level Medicine

Scientists have developed a skin gun that could radically change the recovery times of burn victims. Doctor Jörg C. Gerlach has developed a spray-on skin gun that operates much like how an airbrush works, only much larger and looking very sci-fi.

The procedure is still in experimental stages but has been successful in over a dozen burn victims. The process takes healthy stem cells from the victim's skin and combines it in a solution. It is then sprayed directly onto the victims wounds to begin healing. Creating and grafting skin is not new, but it used to take weeks and months to generate new skin and for it to heal. This new process takes about one and half hours to spray the solution according to Gerlach.

The solution is purple in the video and it only adds to the futuristic nature of the story. If the trials continue to be a success this could be a huge breakthrough for burn victims. Now we just need to work on bacta tanks and bionic limbs.

[Via NatGeo on Youtube]