SixthSense Equipped GPS Navigation Pendant Will Help You Through Airports

Navigation units aren't meant for just the car or hikers anymore. As we've seen in other design concepts in the past, putting the units on your body, and helping you along right on the street level is becoming a hot trend lately. This time around, we've got a new design from a senior at Western Washington University, in Bellevue, Washington, working towards his B.S. in Industrial Design (with a minor in Sustainable Design). His name is Benjamin Peterson, and he's bringing a lot of technology into a small pendant meant to hang in front of your chest.

The pendant is specifically designed to make your travels easier, especially as you make your way through unrecognized territory. Utilizing Pranav Mistry's SixthSense technology, which is a gestural recognition software system, it is meant to catalog your hand movements in front of the dedicated camera within, and tell you where you need to go based on your position within, say, an airport. We're not exactly sure where the gesture control comes in, but it's definitely an interesting addition.

Other features include that camera we just mentioned, a processor to run the show, and a built-in projector. Thanks to Peterson's website, we know that the intention is to help foreign travelers make it to their destinations safely, so we've got to give him a small round of applause for trying to do some good with his new-fangled gadget. What do you think? Will this new wave of GPS navigation units take off? Or are we meant to walk around a foreign city asking for directions in a different language?

[via Ubergizmo]