Sit N Joy - It Floats, It Totes, And Strokes

When I look at the Sit N Joy I can't but think Astone, its creators, were sitting around going "you know what I like, swimming, get a massage and listening to music...if only there were a way to combine all three!!". Even if that's not how it went down it's still the result they got.

The Sit N Joy is a multimedia massaging chair made for the pool. There is a waterproof compartment in one of the armrests which will hold your media player and will connect to its integrated speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes as you laze about the water. The best part is of course the massaging capabilities!

Astone boasts that it's comfortable enough to be used outside the pool as well but come on, if the shoe fits... leave it in the pool! I'll definitely be looking for one of these come summer time.

Massage Chairs for the Pool [via Crave]