SiriusXM kicks off 2020 MLB season with classic game broadcasts

On Thursday, March 26, Major League Baseball was scheduled to officially kick off its 2020 season, ushering in a new round of games and more. For fans who are stuck at home, SiriusXM is offering a special treat: classic game broadcasts that will be available to stream starting tomorrow. These game broadcasts will include commentary from hosts, interviews with the opening day stars who participated in them, and more.

As expected, the coronavirus outbreak has had an impact on the 2020 MLB season — namely, it has been delayed by two weeks at best. Fans will have to wait longer than previously anticipated to get their game fix, but that's where past season replays come in.

SiriusXM features a station called MLB Network Radio, which, as its name suggests, revolves entirely around Major League Baseball. This channel will air classic opening day games starting tomorrow, March 26. The station is focusing on opening day games that were notable, which means ones that had 'standout performances' or exciting late-game changes, according to the company.

The days will kick off with The Leadoff Spot player and manager interviews, memories from the opening day games, and more; these will start at 7 AM ET. From there, the station will switch to a variety of hosts at 11 AM ET for talks about favorite opening day memories and more. The actual game broadcasts won't start until 1 PM ET, however.

A total of five classic opening day game broadcasts are planned:

- 2011's Dodgers vs Giants

- 2009's Mariners vs Twins

- 2017's Diamondbacks vs Giants

- 2012's Rays vs Yankees

- 2008's Nationals vs Braves

The MLB Network Radio station is available on the SiriusXM app and through SiriusXM radio's to subscribers with the SiriusXM All Access package (channels 209 and 89).