Sirius XM rumored to raise pricing by spring 2009

All of you long time Sirius XM satellite radio subscribers may have something more to worry about starting in spring. According to "ken.muise" at the Digital Radio Central forums you may have more expensive fees as well as some changes to the service they provide by springtime.

The person who is starting this rumor claims to be an employee of the Sirius XM Activations Department, if anyone would know these new policy changes it would be the activation department. The first rumor outlines that each additional radio added will costs $8.99, which is a $2 increase from standard pricing today. The second string of bad news is that online streaming will now cost you $2.99 for most packages rather than being entirely free. This service can also range up to $8.99 a month for the Mostly Music and family Pack.

Luckily for current subscribers you can "lock in" the current price you are paying for service as well as the free online streaming. It appears that Sirius is also feeling the economic crunch on such a level that raising prices is the only way to save them from such a fate that we have been seeing all over.