Siri tips her own Japanese language skills

It seems Siri has been fooled, quite easily, into admitting that she can now speak Japanese. Siri, the Apple voice-activated assistant on the new iPhone 4S, had been tipped earlier this month to gain Chinese, Japanese, and Russian language support in an update believed to be coming in March. Siri herself is now confirmed that Japanese language support is coming.

Siri gave up the secret when some geeks simply asked, "what language do you speak?" Siri responded, "I can speak French, English, Japanese, and German... But I'm always learning." Obviously, Japanese wasn't there originally. It's worth noting that Japanese isn't reported to appear in the Siri settings menu at this point. With Siri already admitting to speak Japanese, the addition must be coming soon.

The strange thing to me is that if Chinese and Russian are coming alongside Japanese, why is Siri not admitting to those languages when asked? If an update was applied to Siri to add Japanese to her responses, why were Chinese and Russian responses not at the same time? The official announcement is expected to come next month, so we hope to learn more soon.

[via 9to5Mac]