Siri hacked to work on iPhone 3GS

We've previously seen Apple's much raved about Siri intelligent assistant feature hacked to work on an iPhone 4, but now developers have managed to hack the feature to work on an old iPhone 3GS. The hack comes from developers Grant Paul and Steve Troughton-Smith, while a video demoing the hack was posted by Ryan Petrich.

Petrich is well-known in the jailbreak community for his Activator extension that brings customized gestures for specific apps. The short clip shows him successfully using Siri on the iPhone 3GS to query contact information. He also revealed via Twitter that he is working on integrating Activator with Siri.

Apple introduced Siri with the launch of iOS 5, the iCloud, and the iPhone 4S back in October. But the company has made the feature exclusive to the latest generation handset, meaning no Siri for iPhone 4 and any older iPhones. Although Apple didn't explain the reasoning for that decision, it's apparently not completely a hardware-related issue since these hacks proves it can work.