Siri can now control your Tesla Model 3

AI assistants can do a lot for us these days, from telling you jokes to warming up your home just the way you want it. How about opening your car? If you have a Tesla Model S or Model X, that has been on the table since November last year. But what if all that you have is the more budget-friendly Model 3? If you update your Tesla iOS app to the latest version, you will. Now you can finally tell Siri to unlock your Tesla Model 3. Hopefully, it's really you telling it to do so.

Tesla's electric cars are often being used to also showcase the latest in hi-tech car features, from assistive driving to touch gestures to voice control. In fact, many of the Model 3's controls have been replaced by touch or voice commands. Those, however, make sense when you're in the car. What if you wanted to do something while you're still a few feet away? The iOS app is your remote gateway to your car but that, too, comes with limitations of proximity. To your phone, that is.

With Siri integration, you can now use the power of your voice to talk to your hi-tech electric car. Actually, all the commands and functions you can access via Siri are the exact same ones available on the Tesla iOS app. All it really does is offer the convenience of not having to pick up your iPhone to do so. Actually, that's only half-true as well. The phone has to already be unlocked for Siri voice commands to function.

Version 3.3.3 of Tesla iOS app lets you use Siri to check the lock status of your Model 3, lock or unlock it as needed, honk the horn, or, should you forget where you left it, ask Siri "where's my car?". You can also ask Siri how much charge or mileage is left on the car. Curiously, the Model 3 integration seems to identify the Model 3 as "my car" rather than "My Tesla" or the other identifiers used by the Model S and Model X versions.

VIA: Reddit