Sinclair ZX Spectrum redux brings 1,000 retro games

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum is being reborn as a retro gaming console, bringing with it 1,000 games and a tweaked design that facilitates playing them. The new console has been announced by Retro Computers and Sir Clive Sinclair, and it is able to run all the games developed for the original Sinclair Spectrum. The development is finished and a final prototype is ready to head into production, and so the folks behind it have taken to Indiegogo for the funding.

The device is called the Sinclair Spectrum Vega, and it harbors a micro-controller and custom software that allows for plug-and-play gaming on a television. The console is pre-loaded with 1,000 unspecified games, though the makers say it should be able to run the 14,000+ the were created for the original system.

Retro Gaming says the console has enough memory that users will be able to add more games to the system — the additional games will be made available to download "from time to time" for free, though additional details on that are fuzzy. An SD card slot is included for loading the games and any future software releases.

The redesign features a few buttons and directional pad, and the software itself will offer an on-screen keyboard when needed. The 1,000 units will go to those who back the device on Indiegogo, where it is already completely sold out (though support pledges can still be made). Following those units, there are plans for a 3,000 unit second production run. Price is set at £100.

SOURCE: Gizmag