Simple online banking app comes to Android

Craig Lloyd - Jan 15, 2013
Simple online banking app comes to Android

Online banking startup Simple, which is designed to replace traditional personal banking with an online-only experience, announced the availability of an Android version of their mobile app. The app allows customers to see their balance, find nearby ATMs, deposit checks, as well as view, categorize, and organize their past spending.

Simple’s Android app was built from the ground up, so it’s not just a direct port of the iPhone app, and it explains why the company released the Android version eight months after the iPhone variant came out. There are a few differences between the iPhone and Android versions of the app, though. The Android version doesn’t have customer support messaging and it also doesn’t allow customers to send payments from inside the app. However, the Android app will introduce a new feature called “spend from goal,” which will allow users to set aside a certain budget for whatever, and track that balance as they spend.

Simple has been around for about two years now, but they released their iPhone app back in May and began sending out invites to those wanting to try out the new banking service. What’s most unique about the service is that they’re a software and customer service company, rather than a bank. Instead, they partner with federally-insured banks like Bancorp and CBW Bank to handle all the money.

Now that both an iOS and Android app are launched, Simple’s next goal is to flesh out both apps until they have matching features, as well as add new features as time progresses. The company also plans to introduce an iPad app as well sometime in the future. However, no version is planned for Windows Phones at the moment, but the company hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility.

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