Sim-Lei is simply ugly, proves being green isn't easy

If you took a big box of ugly and used it to design a green car, the Sim-Lei is exactly what I would picture the final product coming out as. This has to be the ugliest green car in the world. I don't get why green car designers make the cars so unattractive so frequently. It's not like ugly and green have to go together, look at the Tesla Roadster or the Fisker Karma to see green cars that look good too.

Apparently, 34 different Japanese companies signed off on the green auto design horror. Geeks from the Japanese Keio University were also involved in the project. Someone at some point had to look at this car and realize the design left something to be desired. Ugly aside, the car has some decently impressive specifications.

The goal was to get an EV that has a long driving distance, and the designers have at least been able to do that. They claim the car will go 190 miles at about 60 mph on a charge. The battery pack is a 24.5Kw unit. The car is also going to hit the streets as a production vehicle next year.

[via Dvice]