SilverStone HDDBOOST combines SSD and HDD for performance and capacity

The benefits of a SSD are apparent to most of us with less power consumption, better performance, and quieter operation. Moving to a SSD does pose some issues for existing computers though like having to migrate all your data and reinstall the OS and software. The typical SSD also lacks the storage space most of us need.SilverStone has announced a new device called the HDDBOOST that promises to increase the performance of a normal HDD by up to 70% by using a SSD in conjunction with the HDD. The speed boost is promised without having to install an OS. The HDDBOOST is supposed to enable SSD speed on the host drive with fast write times using the normal HDD.

The HDDBOOST is a tray with a circuit board that you slip into an internal drive bay. You connect a SSD to the device and then hook your standard HDD with your OS and applications up to it. SilverStone claims the device will work with any OS. It ships with all the needed cables for connecting both drives and power.