Silvair Control wireless remote lends smart home control

Seed Labs has introduced its new Silvair Control wireless controller lending simple control of common home elements, such as blinds and lights. The Silvair Control is said to be "gesture-driven" and to include Bluetooth connectivity for use with tablets and smartphones. It does not need wiring or anything burdensome like that, and it is powered by a battery that lasts for up to 8 years, depending on usage. Mounting is performed using magnets. It, like many controllers before it, aims to make having a smart home simple.

Seed Labs introduced the new Bluetooth controller today, saying also that it has partnered with Soraa to lend remote management to the company's LED lamps, which are yet to be launched. The Silvair Control is a small dial-like controller that mounts on a metal plate wherever the user would like it.

It works in conjunction with Silvair Mesh, which Seed Labs says is a platform of "software-defined sensors and controllers [which] can be seamlessly connected to" appliances and such for management.

You can see the Silvair Control in action in the video above; it works with twists and taps, and will perform actions based on how it is set up and what it is configured to. It'll match any modern decor, but can also be toted around with the owner rather than left stationary on a metal mounting plate somewhere.

Pricing isn't clear at this point.

SOURCE: Business Wire