Silicon Power Unique 530 flash drive launches

Silicon Power has hoards of flash drives and other storage solutions in its line. The company has added a new product to its line of flash drives called the Unique 530. The flash drive is enclosed in a "green" silica gel material that is pliable and provides a "sporty" style according to the maker. I'm not sure the silica gel has a sporty look, but it should make the drive more rugged thanks to the rubbery nature of the material.

The silica also has ridges to make it easy to grip the drive. The drive claims to be the first on the market to fuse metallic accessories with the silica gel material. The metallic accessories promise to withstand as much as 10kg of pull force making it likely to survive living on a keychain or in a bag where it might be pulled.

The flash drive has a chip on board packaging technology and is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof thanks to that gel overlay. The drive ships with software for backups and security functions. No lid is used and the connector has a slide out design for protection. The drive measures 56.18 x 20.14 x 9.09 and weighs 9g.