Silicon Power launches 16GB class 10 microSDHC card

Silicon Power has launched a new storage device for smaller portable gadgets that need more storage like smartphones and PMPs. The new memory card is a speedy class 10 microSDHC card that uses a new feature called Smart Power. The memory card will come in several storage capacities including 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB versions.

The faster class 10 speed means that the phone will be able to store larger photos and video clips faster allowing you to be ready for the next recording or image when you need to be. A fast storage card is particularly important on devices that shoot high-resolution photos when writing the files takes longer.

The card is compliant with the class 10 memory standards set by the SD Association. Silicon Power will also offer the faster memory cards in a pack with SD and miniSD adapters. Pricing is unannounced at this time.