Silent Gauss Pistol can be yours! is home to the GP-219, a home-made Gauss Pistol that makes no noise when fired. The gun comes with a built-in laser pointer, along with a slew of other features. Two Coils are used in a Gauss Pistol, rather than traditional gun-power. A steel projectile is fired at a peak of 350 Amps.

The gun also looks different than traditional guns. The front of the gun drops down to near the bottom of the handle. At the front is where the energy source is store, while the two coils are placed directly above the trigger.

The Gauss Pistol website has a ton of photos and videos documenting the creation and use of the gun. Leaving legality issues aside, the inventor hopes to start selling kits and guides to the pistol by April 2nd of 2007. The site can be accessed here.