Sigma dp2 Quattro availability slated for August

Sigma Corporation of America, makers of such fine cameras and lenses, has just revealed that the dp2 Quattro compact will be available for purchase starting August. The dp2 will the first to launch among three cameras that bear the company's new Flaveon "Quattro" Direct Image sensor.

What makes this sensor special, at least according to Sigma, is the use of the X3 technology that employs a three-layered architecture to capture images with greater resolution and color accuracy. The red layer at the very bottom and the green layer in the middle capture color information, each at 4.9 megapixels. At the very top is the blue layer, which records not only color but also brightness, this time at 19.6 megapixels. The resulting images have a resolution equivalent to that taken with a 39 megapixel sensor.

The dp Quattro series was announced last February, with each model differing in lens size and focal length. The dp2 Quattro, to be specific, has a 30 mm 2.8 standard lens. Besides that, it also boasts of features such as improved high ISO performance, ranging from 100 to 6400, Sigma's TRUE III image processor, which was developed specifically for this type of sensor, and a 3.0-inch TFT LCD viewer.

If those still won't clue you in that the dp2 Quattro is a professional shooter, then the price most likely will. It will be carrying around a $999 price tag when it goes on sale in the US. Prices and dates for the dp1 with a 19 mm F2.8 lens and the dp3 with 50 mm F2.8 are still unannounced.

SOURCE: Sigma Photo