Sick Ferrari roller coaster puts Disneyland to shame

I am not a big fan of amusement parks. Mostly it's because you never know when you will plummet to your death in a machine maintained by a high-school dropout. I would totally ride the Ferrari World roller coaster in Abu Dhabi though.

This has to be the coolest roller coaster ever. Each car is a replica of a Ferrari F430. The cars ride on dual rails under each set of wheels making it seem like the car is on a road. As sweet as this Ferrari coaster is, it's not the sickest or fastest ride at the Ferrari World park.

Jalopnik reports that there is a rumor that the fastest roller coaster at the park will be a F1 themed coaster that can reach 149 mph. I really hope the person running a 149 mp roller coaster at least graduated high school.