SI Swimsuit models + badass cars = WIN!

I would bet that there are lots of geeks out there that like cars and babes. When you combine the two it's hard to not be happy to look at the photos. If Sports Illustrated combined these swimsuit models and cars with some gadgets, I might have a win-powered seizure.Lexus has announced that it's awesome LFA supercar is being featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition with Dutch supermodel Ima Sofrakn Hawt. Ok, so that's not her real name, the model is Rianne Ten Haken (interestingly she is a 10).

Guys can feast their eyes on two things they will probably never lay hands on in this year's edition of the SI Swimsuit issue, which is sad really. I don't have the specs on Ms. Haken, but the car I can help you out with. It has a 552hp 4.8L V10 and is way cool. For the photo, you see here the car did donuts around the model with only four feet between the girl and the spinning LFA of death.