Shuttle unveils 3.3cm thick XS35 PC

The tiny SFF PC is only 3.3cm thick and is HD compatible. This may well be the best SFF PC Shuttle has for use as an HTPC machine in the living room. The chassis used for the XS35 is 1-liter class and has a standard VESA mount interface. That interface means you can mount the PC to the rear of a TV or LCD display.

The machine is complete, runs the Intel Atom D510 processor at 1.6GHz, and uses the NM10 Express Chipset. Graphics are handled by the NVIDIA GT218, otherwise known as the ION 2 platform. The machine has HDMI out, five USB ports, VGA out, LAN port, memory card reader, 2.5" HDD, and an optical drive. The machine will be available in Q2 2010 at an undisclosed price.