Shuttle announces new power-saving Nettop with SUSE Linux Operating System

Shuttle has announced a new duel-core nettop for consumers: the X270V. The box is running SUSE Linux on Intel dual-core Atom 330 CPU's with each core clocked at 1.6 GHz. The machine can hold up to 2GB of DDR2, and offers users one of the smallest footprints of any nettop computer.

Other specs include a Gigabit-LAN connection, 6-channel audio, PS/2-connectors, serial interface, 6x USB, VGA and DVI-out, connect the X270V to peripheral devices. Currently, this nettop is only available to European markets. The pre-configured X270V is running 299 Euros.

For those of you in Europe, you can get your hands on this sleek new nettop here. As far as making an appearance in the U.S., well we don't know if it will. You're probably better off finding one of these.