Showtime's latest Dexter trailer reveals serial killer's new alias

Showtime is reviving one of its hit shows, Dexter, with a limited series that will give fans a proper conclusion to the story we first saw years ago. In its latest teaser trailer for the mini-series, viewers are introduced to Jim Linsday, a seemingly normal and congenial man who gets along well with his neighbors in some small snow-covered town. That man, of course, is the fugitive serial killer Dexter Morgan.

This is the second teaser trailer we've seen for the Dexter revival — and, as with the first one, it is very short, though it does offer some additional details missing from the initial video. This time around, we see Dexter out for a stroll in what appears to be a small town nearing the holiday season. Snow is everywhere and neighbors great Dexter, who appears to be well-known in his new home.

The setting is quite the contrast with the hot beach-filled Miami scene viewers got with the original series. We don't yet know where Dexter has found himself, though the first trailer indicated that he now lives in a relatively isolated cabin near some mountains. He's now going by the alias, Jim Lindsay.

The setting indicates that Dexter has been behaving himself, but a product showcase in a storefront window introduces a familiar temptation. We see Dexter pause his walk to crouch down and look at a case of knives in the storefront, a foreboding sign that he isn't finished with his serial killer activities.

The original Dexter series had a notoriously terrible ending that mostly ruined the series for diehard fans. This mini-series revival may give Showtime the chance to end things on a better, more satisfying note, and we only have to wait until this fall season for the first episode to arrive.