Show your Halloween spirit with the Loop Mummy iPhone case

Smartphone cases have been sort of a saturated market lately. Pretty much everyone and their siblings are making all kinds of different cases that are flooding the market, and it seems only a few good case manufacturers are getting the press coverage they deserve, like OtterBox, Mophie, and Moshi to name a few. However, a company called Loop Attachment is looking to make a dent in the market with a unique Halloween-themed iPhone case called the Mummy.

The Mummy iPhone case is only compatible with Apple's newly-discounted iPhone 4/4S line currently, but the company has said they're planning on stocking up on iPhone 5 cases sometime this month and early November, so stay tuned for those if you happened to upgrade to the latest iPhone.

When you put the case on your iPhone, it essentially looks like mummy wrappings are covering the back of your device (hence the name of the case in the first place). However, it's not just all about looks. All that fancy silicone on the back is also meant to hold credit cards, money, ID, etc., so it actually doubles as a makeshift wallet, while at the same time providing your iPhone with a little protection. The Mummy is available in 10 different colors and is priced at $25 each, or three for $60.

Loop Attachment's flagship product isn't actually for the iPhone, though. It's simply called the Loop, and it's a wristband for your 5th- or 6th-generation iPod Nano that turns the device into a glorified watch. We've seen these types of products before, but the Loop is a unique one-piece band that snuggly fits an iPad Nano on top, and can be easily removed if need be. It comes in seven color varieties and will cost you $20 each or $50 for a bundle of three.