Shinobii announces Xcross Wii remote

The Nintendo Wii is still a very popular game console despite the fact that the system has seen its sales volume drop over the last few quarters. Accessories for the console are popular items and the latest aftermarket remote for the Wii has turned up from Shinobii called the Xcross Remote.

The Xcross is compatible with all Wii hardware and has an integrated accelerometer providing full motion control. It has a wide direction pad allowing for better control compared to stock Wii Remotes. The wireless range is up to 5 meters and it is compatible with the Motionplus accessory.

The remote uses two AA batteries for power just like the stock remotes. Shinobii ships the Xcross with a silicone sleeve and wrist strap for safety. The Xcross only comes in black and will hit stores in Europe starting this month for €29.95.