Shell's 107 mpg concept car comes from the McLaren F1 designer

Shell, as in the oil company, recently revealed this tiny, 3-person city car. While it has features similar to other such micro vehicles, like a max fuel economy of 107 miles-per-gallon and a whopping 43 horsepower engine, what's really interesting is that its look comes from Gordon Murray, the designer of McLaren's F1 race car. It may not be fast, but at least the compact three-seater places the driver in the front-center, which is kinda-sorta like a F1 car.

Shell and Murray have been collaborating on the concept project for almost three years now. The car's other stats include a weight of just 1,200 pounds, an average of 89 mpg, and a 0-62 mph time of 15.8 seconds, all thanks to the three-cylinder engine.

The car doesn't have any individual doors, but rather the top, sides, and windshield are a single piece that opens towards the front, as seen in the images here. Contributing to the light weight is a body that mostly made from recycled carbon fiber. The two passengers are seated on each side and slightly behind the driver.

While it may not look or sound as exciting to drive as a normal vehicle, it's important to remember that the purpose of city-cars is for making frequent but short trips from one point to another, such as food delivery.

Shell says it has no plans to begin manufacturing something like this concept, which is a bit unfortunate as it's believed that this car would produce as much as 34% fewer emissions than other small, lightweight vehicles, despite not being completely electric.