Shazam Lite for Android targets those with modest data, storage

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 6, 2016, 6:42pm CDT
Shazam Lite for Android targets those with modest data, storage

Shazam has announced the launch of a new app for Android called “Shazam Lite.” As with Facebook Lite and other similar apps, Shazam Lite does not require as much storage space on the device, and it doesn’t use up as much data, making it ideal for those with low-end handsets and limited data plans. The lite version of the Shazam app requires less than a single megabyte of storage space.

In addition to taking up very little space on the device, the Shazam Lite app uses as little data as possible, making it accessible to those on limited and slow data connections. Emerging markets are obviously a big focus for this app, the same markets Facebook has targeted with its ‘lite’ mobile app.

Because the app is targeting emerging markets, it will only be available in the English language in Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Vietnam. It’ll also be offered in Spanish in Venezuela. You’ll need to be running at least Android 2.3 to use the app.

Those who use the app will have the option of Shazam-ing music even if they’re offline and saving whatever data they get. In the end, though, the lite version of the app can still be used to do what Shazam does best — identify what song is playing, making it easier to discover its name and look it up later on.

SOURCE: Shazam

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