Sharp's latest 8-inch LCD could wind up in your next vehicle

It has a luminescence of 500 candelas/m2 and a contrast ration of 2500:1, which means it would be good for other applications, but instead it will likely wind up telling you how fast you are going. There are apparently several uses for this type of in-dash display.

First and foremost it could be used for gauges, or it could display multiple things, such as a digital read out of the temperature in and out of the vehicle, a digital speedometer with numbers instead of a gauge. And then in the background it could have information pertaining to your audio system, a backup or other parking cameras, night vision, maybe even GPS.

How nice would it be to not have to look to the right to get information from your various electronics in your car? Another idea is for car performance enthusiasts, just imagine if this thing could output all that ODB II data and other performance data that's so precious to you? The high contrast means the black pixels, will be really dark, which means the display could blend in with the rest of the dash.

Sharp 8-inch LCD for in-vehicle applications with a contrast ratio of 2500:1 [via fareastgizmos]