Sharp’s 330-Inch LCD Screen Heading to Tokyo Station

Evan Selleck - Oct 25, 2010
Sharp’s 330-Inch LCD Screen Heading to Tokyo Station

Back in June, Sharp announced a brand new 60-inch LCD display that, while still having an impressive screen, also focused on the display’s bezel. The company focused on it so much in fact, that they did their best to get rid of it entirely. The result was a display with a width of only 2.4mm on the right and bottom sides of the display, and a width of 4.1mm on the left and top sides. Sharp did this so that if you set up the displays in a multi-display situation, you’d get only 6.5mm of space. And now, Sharp is ready to show off eighteen of the displays all at once.

The company is setting up the multi-display solution in the Tokyo Station in the coming weeks. The installation of the gigantic 330-inch display is set to begin this Friday. Each of the 60-inch displays features a resolution of 1366 x 768, and are LED backlit. As is to be expected, the 330-inch display will have a continuous loop of Sharp-based commercials, as well as other info-oriented media. That would certainly be a gaming experience.

[via Akihabara News]

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