Sharp unveils PN-V601 LCD for video walls

Having multiple screens is a great thing for many uses like productivity, gaming, and movie watching. The biggest issue facing the use of multiple screens is the bezels that frequently make for large gaps. These gaps break the image up and often cause lost areas of content.

Sharp has announced a new video display called the PN-V601 that has a very thin bezel and is designed to be used in multiple screen video walls. The bezels are claimed to be the world's thinnest at only 6.5mm thick.

The screen is LED backlit for color quality and lower power usage. The 6.5mm thick bezel is between two screens. The right side and bottom bezel is 2.4mm and the left side and top are 4.1mm thick for a total of 6.5mm between screens. That is much better than the half inch or so of bezel on many screens making for about an inch between many multiple screen setups. The PN-V601 will land in Japan to start with on August 31 at an undisclosed price.