Sharp and Hydis announce LCD license agreement

There have been rumblings in the past that Hydis' FFS LCD technology would make its way into certain tablets, and now the Korean manufacturer has signed a license agreement with Sharp that will see the two companies using each other's technology. The agreement will allow Sharp to make use of Hydis' Fringe Field Switching LCD technology, which is similar to IPS technology but allows for higher brightness and a superior color gamut.

The deal will allow both companies to make use of the technologies for ten years, and also guarantee a "patent peace" so that the companies can focus on making money instead of suing each other. Hydis goes on to say how its FFS technology is "superior to other similar wide viewing angle technologies in the market", taking direct aim at IPS and PLS. Other benefits of FFS include lower power consumption and superior contrast ratios. Hydris even notes that it's planning to bring FFS to "notebook computers and television[s]."

It's interesting to see Sharp picking up the license to use FFS technology. Past rumors have suggested that IGZO may make an appearance in products such as the iPad, and recent reports have indicated that IGZO panels will be used for the mythical Apple Television. Sharp looks to be interested in incorporating FFS into its own panels, and if its as good as Hydis says it is, then we could be looking at future displays that are even better than what's found in the current iPad.

[via ARM Devices]