Sharkoon unveils black edition of FireGlider gaming mouse

When it comes to gaming mice the things are typically festooned with buttons and lots of features designed to make them perform better for gamers. Sharkoon unveiled a new gaming mouse at CeBIT called the FireGlider.

The mouse was originally fitted with a flame motif that might have been a bit to flashy for some gamers. Sharkoon has now announced that it is offering the FireGlider in all black. The mouse has the same features as the original though. It has an ergonomic shape, six buttons that can be programmed, and weight adjustable design.

The surface of the mouse has a non-slip texture and ribbed area for the thumb. The sensitivity of the mouse is 3600 DPI and it has a frame rate of 7080 fps and can withstand 20G of acceleration. Sensitivity is adjustable from 600 to 3600 dpi with LED lighting to show the sensitivity level. The mouse is available now for 24.49 Euros.