Sharkoon unveils Bandit ATX chassis with SATA HDD dock on top

I have talked about some of the gear that Sharkoon makes before including cases and other little goodies for the computer geek. Today the company has unveiled a new computer case called the Bandit that has one very cool feature that I could really use.

The Bandit has a SATA HDD dock built into the top of the case right behind the top controls for the system. With the SATA dock you can take any SATA HDD you have lying around , cram it into the dock, and access whatever you need off the HDD. That means that you will be able to get data off old HDDs without having to cram them inside the computer.

The Bandit chassis also has five external 5.25" bays, three internal 3.5" drive bays, and a memory card reader that ships installed in the case. The cooling system includes a single front 120mm fan with LEDs, a pair of optional 140mm or 120mm side fans, a single optional back fan, and an included 180mm LED fan on the top panel. The case will sell for a bit over 69 Euro when it launches.