Shared Piano is Google's latest Chrome experiment

Google has launched a new Chrome experiment called Shared Piano that enables more than one person to play a digital piano at the same time. The notes are recorded and presented as colored columns similar to the kind used in tutorial videos. The idea is that one person can play one part of a song and another person can play the other part — or, if you have a full 'room' of players, everyone can contribute to the final masterpiece.READ: Chrome Music Lab Song Maker puts a synthesizer in your browser

Shared Piano is simply a web app that presents a digital piano that can be clicked or tapped, depending on the device you use to access it.

When you open the experiment's website, you're given the piano, a URL for sharing your music 'room,' a couple of settings, and the option to choose different instruments, including drums and strings.

Up to 10 people can participate in the same Shared Piano room; you can also create a new room whenever you'd like. Everyone participating in the room can scroll back through the previous music to see the notes. There is, of course, also a play button for playing the notes that have been established.

This is Google's latest Chrome experiment, but it's not the first one to involve music. A couple of years ago, Google introduced its Music Lab Song Maker, which is a digital synthesizer that anyone can access in their browser. Other projects on the Chrome experiments website include a music visualizer called Tendrils, a singing challenge called Freddiemeter, 'Flappy Windows,' and more.