SGDQ 2021 hits a donation milestone: How to watch the biggest runs

Summer Games Done Quick 2021 wrapped up this weekend after a week full of speedruns performed by gamers from all over the world. As always, SGDQ 2021 raised money for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, which is a sorely needed organization in the midst of a global pandemic. While SGDQ 2021 didn't quite break donation records, it did end up with a solid donation total even though the entire marathon took place online.

Indeed, in this age of online-only events, GDQ marathons haven't raised quite as much as the most recent in-person marathons – AGDQ 2020, the last in-person event to date, holds the all-time donation record at $3,164,002 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. However, summer Games Done Quick 2021 came closer than any other online-only event to matching those in-person numbers, ultimately raising $2,909,369.35 for Doctors Without Borders.

That number is likely to grow a little from here, as all subscriptions to the Games Done Quick Twitch channel for July will contribute to the total donation amount. Still, that's enough to make SGDQ 2021 the most successful online-only marathon yet, raising more than AGDQ 2021 and SGDQ 2020.

In the end, Summer Games Done Quick 2021 hosted 153 different speedruns over the course of the week. In addition, 22,640 different people and organizations made a total of 40,351 donations during the event, making the average donation an impressive $72.10, while the median donation sits at $25.

If you missed SGDQ 2021, you can find VODs of each and every run on the Games Done Quick YouTube channel. GDQ confirmed at the end of SGDQ 2021 that Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 will occur from January 9th through 16th. In the more immediate future, we'll see GDQ host the all-women speedrunning marathon Flame Fatales from August 15th through the 21st.