SG Comics Presents: iCloudy Day

Today's the big day for Apple fans waiting for Steve Jobs to take the stage and finally reveal all the "magical" details of the much hyped iCloud. Unlike the competition, Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music Beta, Apple has actually secured licensing deals with music labels and could offer up something much more comprehensive and appealing. Add to that iTune's already secure first place lead in the music download arena, makes it one cloudy day for rivals.

I'm drawing this just hours before the keynote, and who knows how it may turn out. But there's certainly a chance for showers and thunderstorms for the competition, if the new service lives up to the hype. Although Apple, in an unusual move, revealed the topics on their agenda, which will also include iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion, there's still so many details that remain unknown. Keep up on the developments with our LiveCast for all the WWDC 2011 and iCloud news.

I love the Android robot, so hopefully Google will get him an umbrella soon and step up their music offering, which at the moment feels half-baked. But, it is only a closed beta right now, so a lot could change. If you've already gotten your invitation for Google Music Beta, we'd love to hear what you think.