Set lasers for stun

For some unexplainable reason, people love to play with lasers. You can't help it really, they're just so much fun, whether you're driving your cat nuts or putting a dot on your bosses forehead in the middle of a boring meeting. The people over at Wicked understand this better than most, and they strive to make brighter, more powerful lasers for us to play with.

Our friends over at Gizmodo got the opportunity to test out their latest product, the Spyder II. At first glance you notice that it's far bigger than most ordinary laser pointers. Which is good to note, as this is no ordinary laser pointer. The beam on the Spyder II is bright enough to hurt you if the beam is reflected into your eye. The green dot is clearly visible in broad daylight, and you can actually the laser beam in a darkened room.

It's not just bright either. Mark over at Gizmodo has been eagerly finding new objects on which to test the powerful beam. The most successful tests include charring leaves and popping balloons. In short, the Spyder II is nothing short of powerful, but at the end of the day it's also not practical. Being too powerful for everyday meetings and presentations, but not quite strong enough to light something on fire. Also, the price is pretty steep for most of us, coming in at around $1,700. Wicked is always updating its line of powerful pointers, so I'm sure we'll be seeing stronger ones on the market before too long. Then you won't need to get out the old magnifying glass to burn those ants anymore.

Gizmodo Exclusive: Wicked Lasers Spyder II Hands-On Review [via Gizmodo]