Serial podcast to become a TV show

Serial was a game-changer in the world of podcasts; so great was the popularity that it will soon be reborn as a television show, it has been announced. The show will be heading to cable television, and will revolve around the podcast series' creation process. Serial was first launched in October 2014, and it has since won an award and has topped podcast charts.

The information comes from Deadline, which reports that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have optioned the necessary rights alongside Fox 21 Studios. Both of them are said to be big Serial fans; they first acquired the rights themselves, then once they had them, the duo approached Fox 21 TVS with the project.

Reportedly Fox 21 TVS's president Bert Salke had been toying with the idea of a Serial television show; there's also a separate project for cable in the pipeline that involves the team at The American Life. Both Julie Snyder and Sarah Koenig, the team behind Serial, will be executive producing the show alongside Seth Cohen, Ira Glass, Alissa Shipp, Miller, and Lord.

It seems there's no script in place, with Deadline reporting that a writer for the adaption is currently being sought. What case the next round of Serial will focus on has not yet been announced. Early this summer, it was announced there's already plans for a third installment of the podcast series.

SOURCE: Deadline