Serial killer Dexter returns in Showtime's first TV show revival trailer

Dexter, the Showtime series about a serial killer who works for a police department, is returning to TV. The series isn't a reboot of the original, but rather will be a revival that picks up where the show left off. Actor Michael C. Hall will return in his role as Dexter, and now we've finally gotten our first look at him in the revival.Dexter premiered in 2006 as a hit series about blood splatter expert Dexter Morgan who works for a police department in Miami. Morgan is, unbeknownst to his coworkers, moonlighting as a serial killer who 'virtuously' focuses on bad people as an excuse for his behavior.

The show started off strong and then, well, famously crashed and burned with a terrible series finale. Now with a chance to redeem itself, Showtime will revive the show and pick up where it left off, giving fans the chance to know what became of Morgan and how his new life is going.

The new trailer, which is titled 'Misunderstood,' is only 30 seconds long, so don't expect any details about the storyline or where we'll find Dexter with the next season's arrival. The trailer hints at Dexter's ongoing psychological attempt to perceive himself as a good person, but aside from the snowy backdrop, we don't get any other information.

Showtime says the revival will be a 10-episode 'limited series' set to hit the premium network this fall. Whether the limited revival will manage to make up for the show's terrible finale and give fans some proper closure is yet to be seen.