September’s free PlayStation Plus games feature some big names

Eric Abent - Aug 29, 2018, 3:08pm CDT
September’s free PlayStation Plus games feature some big names

Sony has revealed the games that will be offered for free through PlayStation Plus next month, and it seems that PS4 owners are in for a treat. The free PS4 games for September include Destiny 2 and God of War III: Remastered, which is particularly exciting because we don’t always see big-name titles offered through PS Plus like this. Even better is that Destiny 2 is going live a little bit early.

In fact, Destiny 2 is available now to PlayStation Plus subscribers. What’s the occasion? The game has gone live a week early so that PlayStation Plus members can participate in a 24 hour free trial of Destiny 2: Forsaken. Included in the trial is the expansion’s new Gambit mode, which blends both PvE and PvP mechanics. The trial begins September 1 at 10 AM Pacific, so that’s worth keeping in mind if you decide to download Destiny 2.

It’s interesting to see Destiny 2 included in September’s PlayStation Plus lineup, as it’s still a relatively new game. Destiny 2 turns one-year-old next month, and while it isn’t unheard of to see games that recent on PlayStation Plus, it’s certainly rare. Of course, this puts the base game in the hands of many more people right before a new expansion launches, which isn’t a bad idea from a sales and marketing perspective.

The second free game for PlayStation 4 players is God of War III: Remastered. This game wraps up the original God of War trilogy in rather spectacular fashion, and will serve as a good primer if you’ve yet to play through 2018’s God of War. Just don’t expect the two games to be super similar, as the new God of War is a lot different from the trilogy that preceded it.

PlayStation 3 owners can look forward to free copies of Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition and QUBE Director’s Cut, while PS Vita owners will be able to download Sparkle 2 and Foul Play. It’s worth nothing that all four of those games are cross-buy compatible with PS4, so owners of that console are getting six free games this month. That’s not bad at all, especially when two of those games come from some of the biggest franchises around.

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